2020 HDESD Staff Welcome

Recap and Resources

Thank you for joining us this morning. It was wonderful to “see” you.

Here are the links to the resources mentioned in our WoW highlights:

We will add to this list as we receive updated information.


For those wondering about our spinning wheel for the raffles, here’s what we did. With ~250 names, it was almost a kaleidoscope.

Congrats to our raffle and dishtowel winners! 😉


  • Joe Devine
  • Jan Colvin
  • Julie Lyche
  • Jay Mathisen
  • Kretha Stefanek
  • Erin Leonard
  • Holly Bernhardt
  • Beverly Tyler
  • Alexis Reyna
  • Reneé Powell
  • Jacqueline Ruggieri
  • Kelly Foster